Monday, July 1, 2013

The Mini Tag

     It was a sudden idea to gather all the minis I own in one post and do a review about them. And for some reason, I feel I have more minis than that!
 And who does not like little mini packages (diamond rings), mini legged dogs (Corgis), Short characters in a novel or TV (Tyrion Lannister), mini cupcakes, mini burgers .... eni mini miny moe, I don't know what I'm saying anymore!


From left to right :

1-  Origins Super Spot Remover:

I am sure most of you know this product already. It instantly shrink the size of acne zits and it stings when you first apply it because of the Salicylic Acid. However, I feel that it does not really heal pimples/zits, or maybe it works on small zits better than angry large ones. But it is a nice product to have, even though there are products that works better.

2- Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara:

I guarantee you, this mascara will never smudge at all. I wore it in a sunny day where humidity was around 70% and my face was shiny and oily and this thing did not smudge not even a bit. And the reason is because the formula of it is different from all mascaras that I have used which are water-soluble. This one freaked me out at first when washing it off, i thought I pulled my lashes out, but turns out that the formula of it is like fibers that cover the lashes, that is why even if you wash your face with water it will stay in place! It separates and lengthens  and even works on the upper lashes! I admit I rarely apply mascara on my bottom lashes, it makes my eyes look like a centipede ! but this time I managed to find a way and only apply it on the corners. And I love it.

How many "lashes" have been written !

3-  Chanel Rogue Allure in Passion :

One of the perks when your mother buys a lot of beauty products and get such cute samples as this one and give it to you. Classic red with a lovely formula, full coverage and satin finish that makes your lips scream " Je suis une femme !". It is more pigmented and red than the photo though. 

4-  Jouer Lip Gloss in Malibu :

Got this in a Birchbox. Nothing special, a sheer hot pink gloss. I don't wear lip glosses that often, I was into it at a certain time, but now I am more into matte and satin-finish lipsticks. This one feels sticky like honey and hot pinks are not my cup of tea...

 5- Weleda Skin Food 

Bought this a long time ago and I wanted to try the sample size . I first used it for my hands and did not like the smell or the feeling of it on. Then I put it somewhere and was lost among other products and kind of forgot about it. I don't know why I did not use it for my knees and elbows before because these are the two areas where I apply heavy creams. When I did I was like  " Where have you been all my life ! ". It is ideal for knees and elbows, very moisturizing !


I tag every blogger and Youtuber  ( but give me credit please ^^). 


Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored, I wrote my honest opinion of products I bought with my own money. 


  1. so cute - need to try some jouer products xx

  2. Your blog is gorgeous :) I just nominated you for the liebster award, would love for you to do it! :)