Monday, April 29, 2013


1-  St.Ives Green Tea Scrub :

This is a nice drug store scrub. The size of the scrubbing pieces, or whatever they call it, is perfect, and the amount of it is also perfect. I even use it to scrub my lips and it works way better than Lush's, the reason is the scrubbing pieces are so tiny which I think does the job better than the size of brown sugar. 
It also has Salicylic Acid in it which helps with acne. And the green tea helps with redness and blemishes.But I am not the kind of person who believes that this certain product will treat this or that, I just use it for the main reason, and in this case just to scrub my face once or twice a week and get rid of anything that might be clogging my pores.

2- Alba Acnedote Scrub for Face&Body :

I really don't know why and HOW I bought this ! but it seems that when you go to Target something in your mind goes wrong. First of all this smells awful, and it is brown. I don't mind a brown product that is 100% natural and smells nice, but this! Second of all it says "face and body". Body yes, because any scrub could be used on your body regardless of, but face! come on. This is too abrasive for the face and the smell makes you feel your skin is going to break out. I only used it once on my face and I washed it immediately. And because I don't like to throw out products I did not use I try to use it or find a way to use it. So I used it all on my body and took me more than a year and a half to finish it because I rarely use it.

3- Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub:

It was a chance to buy new products during a layover in London Heathrow. Scrubbing wise, this is your average body scrub. The smell I did not like, to me it smells like a cheap perfume. So nah, not impressed at all. But I like the simple packaging though...

4- Soap&Glory Glad Hair Day Conditioner: 

This Also I bought from London Heathrow. I am not as crazy about Soap&Glory as some people. But this is a nice conditioner. You leave it for 1 minute, and I must say this makes a visible difference! gives shine and volume. And eventhough I am not a fan of S&G's smell, but for some reason this smells nice on hair !

5- NIP+FAB Pistachio Body Butter:

Another Heathrow purchase, and the last one from there. I heard a lot about this product, and the raving seemed to be non-stop.  I was allured by the packaging more than the raving to be honest. 
Anyways, the smell is very overwhelming! very strong and sweet. So to make the smell less overwhelming I mixed it with a fragrance free Shea butter that I found at Treader Joe's, smart huh?
And I think this is suitable for warm weather more than cold weather, because it is light and not a heavy duty moisturizer.

6- The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter :

This was my first body butter from Body Shop. As I am a huge fan of coconut, this was not the right choice for me. coconut is hard to balance, I rarely find products that have a balanced coconut smell, mixed with the right ingredients. This one smells too sweet, which I don't like. The consistency  is very thick, but still i don't feel my hands quenched, I just feel there is something setting on my hands that I need to wash off..

7- CoverGirl Natureluxe:

I just love this mascara! this was my first drug store mascara. When it comes to my eyes I usually buy high end products. But this one tempted me with its simple green packaging, and I believe in green. It has one of those flexible wands and it gives everything the eyelashes need : length, thickness and it separates the lashes. But it takes some time to dry. 


Disclaimer: I am not sponsored. I write down my honest opinions of products I purchased with my own money.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 kiehl's Hair Shampoos Review

  For the sake of my hair's loss issues, I have always been picky about my shampoos. I don't even remember using commercial brands  (Pantene, Fructis, Suave... etc ). Only shampoos that are as natural and organic as possible. At first I was using medical shampoos that are specified for hair loss, like Sebamed and Vichy, but those dried my dry hair even more. And tried some other organic brands that either smelled like unpleasant herbals, or left a greasy film on my hair. 

Only 2 months ago I tried 2 of Kielh's shampoos:

1- Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo :
For dry and damaged, under-nourished hair.
250 ml - $18

My hair type: very fine, dry, tangles easily.

Pros: Very gentle,made my hair softer, shinier less tangled.
Also my hair felt very clean! 

Cons: It contains SLS(Sodium Laureth Sulfate)! I did not expect this since it is an organic brand. Even though SLS is still a matter of dispute whether it damages hair or not !


2- Amino Acid Shampoo with Coconut Oil
For all hair types

250 ml - $18

Pros: Very gentle on the hair,

Has the same effect on hair as the first: softer, shinier, cleaner hair.

It has coconut in it which I can't resist.

It is Silicon and Paraban Free.

It contains Amino Acid, which remove toxins and and make your hair healthier.

The smell : Oh the smell! I swear this is one the best smelling shampoos I have ever smelled. It does not smell like your average coconut. This is a unique, subtle shampoo smell, balanced geniusly, something between a light coconut mixed with baby powder, and I have always been attracted to anything that has baby powder smell to it.

Cons: I felt my hair is a bit weighed down+ static which I don't know if it is caused
by this shampoo or by the cashmere sweaters that I am still wearing even though it is almost the end of April !or because of the hair oiling routine that I started a while ago..!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Organic Addiction/Oatmeal

1-Trader Joe's Vanilla Almond Granola Cereal:

Who does not want the smell of warm milk mixed with vanilla oatmeal on their bodies, and who does not want the taste of it on their tongues. My affair with oatmeal started early, and enhanced when I moved to the US and was introduced to Trader Joe's Vanilla Almond Granola Cereal. I have never used the expression " heaven in a jar", but now I can say it, or in this case type it.

The best Oatmeal I have ever tasted? Yes. Smells heavenly? Oh yes. Going to eat it for the rest of my life if I can? A loud resounding yes. I am a person who does not like to stick with one flavor or product for a long time; I like to try new things, but this thing broke the rule. I have been eating it for 2 and a half years straight and my mind did not even dare to think of another cereal.


2- ST. Ives Oatmeal& Shea Butter Body Lotion and Body Wash:

As I was immersed in the world that I mentioned above, I was hooked to that smell that I also mentioned above. Yes, I wanted to smell like my morning cereal. And at last I found it standing on a drug store shelf with all its glory. I sniffed it there and it was it! I purchased the body wash first. Did not realize how good it actually smells until I showered. It is the most balanced smell, not too sweet  nor too overwhelming, did not even smell cheap considering the price which was less than 5 dollars ! I have finished  2 bottles and bought the third.

The one  day I was at Target, and could not be more satisfied when I found the body lotion version of that heavenly scent. Getting double oatmealed is now my thing .