Monday, August 5, 2013

Current Body Care Products

     The body care products that I currently use work as they should, and are very satisfying and "wallet friendly".  I literally can live on these products only, but you know .. humans get bored sometimes. 

1- St.Ives Naturally Soothing Body Lotion, Oatmeal & Shea Butter :

   I did my first blog post about this product, both the lotion and the shampoo, which I used the hell out of.  Words can't explain how great this product is: Very cheap, smells heavenly, great moisturizer. I even bought a travel size one to take with me on my trip because I can't get enough !

2- Olay Plus Silk Whimsy Ribbons Body Wash :

   If there is only one scent for shampoos in this life, then it should be the scent of this Olay bodywash. It smells clean, refreshing and familiar in a good way. It leaves the skin soft and smooth. 

3- Palmer's Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks:

    I did not buy this to erase my stretch marks because I know these products won't work, and I am not even pregnant. But I have used Palmer's before and I love the formula of it especially during winter. This one smells different though, not pleasant at all, but I use it on certain areas that are far from my nose, like my knees and elbows and some other parts, and boy oh boy, it moisturizes these areas like a dream, and the effect last for days unlike some other moisturizers.

4- Secret Outlast Clear Gel Unscented Antiperspirant & Deodorant:

    If you find this anywhere, just grab it without thinking . No one knows how hard it is to find an unscented deodorant these days, especially if you are someone who is against using scented ones. I literally been using one brand since I was a teenager which was almost the only brand that makes unscented deodorants, it is called MUM. Then I found this one by Secret and now I am afraid they will discontinue it or something, that will make me sue them .. It has everything I need: no scent, clear gel which dries fast , plus it works like no other. If you live in a humid and hot area, this is your savior. 

5- Ravens Blend Scrub :

    I pruchased this from a shop at Etsy called PurplecatCreatives. And etsy is my weakness point, I always restrain myself because this website will make me spend like a royalty .  I have been looking for a coffee scrub for a long time that is not ridiculously expensive, and I know that esty has some interesting and versatile homemade things. This shop has the most seductive looking scrubs, and for only $6. I ordered the Raven Blend, which has (sugar ,coffee, hazelnuts, caramel, almonds, dark chocolate ) and I was impressed when I received it. The consistency of it is amazing, the best that I have used yet. It leaves the skin amazingly soft and is not greasy at all. With this and a moisturizer afterwards, my body has never been this soft. I only wish it smells more like raw coffee, than sweet cappuccino, but I still love it and going back to order other scents.

Disclaimer : 
This post is NOT sponsored, I wrote my honest opinion of products I purchased with my own money. 


  1. They sound lovely- I've been very into lotion lately!

    Nature With Nurture

  2. This blog is nice.My experience with olay is good. body care products are good.We must be very particular.Thank you for sharing.