Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 kiehl's Hair Shampoos Review

  For the sake of my hair's loss issues, I have always been picky about my shampoos. I don't even remember using commercial brands  (Pantene, Fructis, Suave... etc ). Only shampoos that are as natural and organic as possible. At first I was using medical shampoos that are specified for hair loss, like Sebamed and Vichy, but those dried my dry hair even more. And tried some other organic brands that either smelled like unpleasant herbals, or left a greasy film on my hair. 

Only 2 months ago I tried 2 of Kielh's shampoos:

1- Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo :
For dry and damaged, under-nourished hair.
250 ml - $18

My hair type: very fine, dry, tangles easily.

Pros: Very gentle,made my hair softer, shinier less tangled.
Also my hair felt very clean! 

Cons: It contains SLS(Sodium Laureth Sulfate)! I did not expect this since it is an organic brand. Even though SLS is still a matter of dispute whether it damages hair or not !


2- Amino Acid Shampoo with Coconut Oil
For all hair types

250 ml - $18

Pros: Very gentle on the hair,

Has the same effect on hair as the first: softer, shinier, cleaner hair.

It has coconut in it which I can't resist.

It is Silicon and Paraban Free.

It contains Amino Acid, which remove toxins and and make your hair healthier.

The smell : Oh the smell! I swear this is one the best smelling shampoos I have ever smelled. It does not smell like your average coconut. This is a unique, subtle shampoo smell, balanced geniusly, something between a light coconut mixed with baby powder, and I have always been attracted to anything that has baby powder smell to it.

Cons: I felt my hair is a bit weighed down+ static which I don't know if it is caused
by this shampoo or by the cashmere sweaters that I am still wearing even though it is almost the end of April !or because of the hair oiling routine that I started a while ago..!


  1. Thanks for the reviews! I like Kiehl's but haven't heard much about their hair care, so this was a good read! xo



    1. You could try the travel seizes as I did if you are not sure. Thanks Jen : )