Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My visit to SOWA Open market

     So Sunday was the time to go to SOWA Open Market, which is my favorite in Boston, if not in all of Massachusetts. Luckily the weather was not hot, just nice but a bit humid. 
If you have not been to sowa, it is basically like a 3 or 4 sections open market: A section for food trucks, another for farmers, one for handmade lovely stuff which I call " the Etsy section" and the last one and the only reason I go there is the vintage market, which is filled with antiques and vintage things that just make me want to have them all and place them in a huge house and just look at them.

Most of it is outdoors except the vintage section which is indoors. Once I arrive, I directly go to the vintage market and spend most of the time there, I sometimes go around it twice or even thrice. This time I was hoping for a jewelry box, unfortunately the ones I liked where not that clean, at least to me, so I ended up buying brooches as I usually do. But it is always a delight to be there, at vintage markets in general, just to look around and examine things and what time they belonged to. And of course applying my "Antiques Roadshow" knowledge to evaluating vintage pieces, which is not easy and did not work well despite my addiction to this show, the UK version in particular.


The gates of heaven

That lime green armchair is pretty, I would have bought it if my stay is not temporary in this country.

I don't know if this is supposed to make it more valuable, but that hair brush has blond hair in it which actually made me disgusted and curious to know who used to use it! is this the point of keeping it hairy !

Dirty ballet shoes signed : Kimberly Ostrowski. I was curious to know who it belonged to, but sometimes it is hard to find the owner of the stand, and this is a problem for me because I stand for a while looking for assistance among people, and sometimes there is no one even if the stand is empty of customers. I just wish they wear like an ID card that says SOWA or anything just to differentiate rather than asking any old person " is this your stand Sir ; Mam ? " .

Lovely embroidered baby blue dress from the 50s I believe, reminds me of Betty Draper.

Teeth anyone ? wish it is that simple ..

The perfect Fathers Day gift. This is one of the things I was curious about and did not find anyone to assist ..

Don't you love how make up packaging used to look like, how fancy ! some of these are Avon, which was the MAC of the 50s and 60s .


Excuse the poor quality of the photos, they are all Iphone-ish just because I can't stand roaming around holding my heavy Canon. Hope you enjoyed this post as I enjoyed my time there.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored.