Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Vichy Purete Thermale One Step Cleanser (3 in 1)

     I remember a nice lady at CVS gave me a sample of VICHY Purete Thermale One Step Cleanser  with my purchase, and it was more of a travel size than a sample. That was during a time in 2012, and I remember I raved about it ( to myself at the time) and promised that I will buy it as soon as I finish the products that I need to finish, just to avoid accumulations..and I did.

    I don't remember in my life purchasing a 3 in 1 product, I'm actually never attracted to such products for some reason !

It works as : 1- Cleansing Milk    2- Toner   3- Eye Make-up remover. And you don't have to rinse it if you don't want to, even though I do. 
I first cleanse my face using my face wash,  then I apply Vichy using a cotton pad,  after few minutes I wash it with water then I apply my moisturizer. It helps a lot and softens the dry parts of my skin,  and the smoothness doubles after applying my moisturizer. I just wish it does not have fragrance in it , and I also wish they specify if it is synthetic or natural, even though I LOVE the scent, very refreshing. 

Did you try this product before?


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Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. I wrote my honest opinion about a product I purchased with my own money. 

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