Thursday, July 18, 2013


     I am not the girl of crazy bright lipsticks, like bright fuschia (hot pinks) or bright corals. Only the perfect tamed shade of every color that does not make me look tan when I don't want to look tan. But sometimes an unexplainable whim moves my hand towards a brighter shade, which looks so delicious, eye pleasing and shockingly coral.

I released the Picasso inside : )

  So when a surprising Wlagreens branch opened, with its huge selection of expensive and inexpensive brands that you won't find in any other drugstore ( which I Instagrammed ), I did some new discovery sort of shopping. And there was  GOSH, which is a Danish cosmetics brand, and which seems the upcoming invasion in the future of drugstores, so brace yourselves. Anyways, I picked a lipstick from their Velvet Touch collection called Shockingly Coral ($14) . It does not look that shocking when you look at it, but once you apply it, it comes brighter that you thought. The consistency of it is as good as a high-end, smells like a high-end too. Even though it is velvet touch, it feels matte on the lips, which sometimes gives me the feeling that it is drying a bit, so I apply a lip balm before. And you must  have perfect smooth lips, because this lipstick will make even the tiniest dry skin more visible. 
I find applying it with my finger works better, actually it works better for me with all lipsticks.  And of course, unsurprisingly,  I make it less bright by applying a little bit of it or by mixing it with a nude shade.  In terms of consistency and shade, it reminds me of a NARS lipstick I had few years ago called Niagara.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored, I wrote my honest opinion about a product I purchased with my own money.


  1. Oooh, it's lovely. I'm a 'nude' make-up girl too, but could definitely be drawn to this as a summer lip colour :)

    1. Haha, i am not even into nudes, make me look dead :# I am in between, not too bright nor too nude. Welcome again Loise : )