Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review: Revlon Lash Potion

     I always feel good when I run out of more than one product at the same time,  it makes me feel like a good spender.  So as I said goodbye to my lovely old friend Lancome Virtuose and the impressive Physicians Formula  mascaras, I went on my feminine quest to buy a new one. I was actually planning to get one of the Cliniques, but then I heard some ravings about the new Revlon Lash Potion, and it is not because of the ravings I bought it, but because some lashes at a blog ,that I can't recall, looked good wearing this mascara..


     First, let me say that my lashes have a good relationship with almost all the mascaras that I have used in my life, I don't know if it is my lashes or that I'm just a lucky picker. But this Revlon one is the worst mascara yet. If I had a chance to look at the wand at the drugstore I would not buy it. It is one of those wands that I know it won't work. It does separate the lashes but in a weird way, makes them look fewer! It clumps. It makes the lashes look messy. Glad it was only $7.99. There is nothing more to say about it...

The picture actually makes it look better than reality. Are those my lashes! never looked this ugly...


Disclaimer: This post in NOT sponsored, I wrote my honest opinion of a product I purchased with my own money.

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